Del Rio : An Essential Steppingstone For Successful Career As A Major Movie Star

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Dolores del Rio was a significant Latina actress during era Hollywood films. She is perhaps Latin 's most celebrated actress to crossover to Hollywood who successfully represented Latin culture and identity to the masses. Her celebrity and iconic status helped spread awareness in differentiating between race and Mexican ethnicity in the U.S. Through her charm and beauty, she garnered a great deal of attention from the public eye, consequently many of her peers and colleagues saw her in the same light. Del Rio 's significance to Latinos in films is regarded as an essential steppingstone to her successful career as a major movie star. Joanne Hershfield argued that although del Rio was a movie star, she had no real "personal identity"; that is to say that she is "composed of a presence and a set of discourses that symbolize an iconic identity" (Hall 11). The ordinariness of racism begins to take into effect of how del Rio is portrayed in her films. Latina women such as del Rio in the 1920s were not excluded from films that prohibited onscreen interracial relationships with men who were of white color and came from a European background. For example, in her role in Ramona (1928), her character discovers that she is part Indian therefore; it gives her the right to marry an indigenous Indian man, which in truth was a representation of Hollywood 's enforcement of no interracial relationship onscreen. After her stretch of Hollywood fame, she returned home to Mexico to continue her…

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