Dehumanization Of Work Essay

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Work is said to be humanistic, an essential part of being human, and satisfying work is a primary goal of the majority in our society. The benchmark of a democracy is that citizens have a participatory voice, translating to (at least notional) control over their destiny, but the generations-old bureaucratic work environment has taken away control of work and organizational decision-making from workers as management focuses on realizing profit over supporting workers’ needs. The resulting alienation, lack of participation, and dehumanization of work have led to power struggles and dissatisfying conditions in the workplace. Is it possible to humanize and democratize work? Work needs to be reformed, but is the kind of humanistic work reform required to increase satisfaction (through participation and/or work reorganization/job redesign) attainable in a neoliberal, capitalist economy?
This essay investigates the probability and viability of work reform to increase workplace/worker participation and satisfaction, including the roles and interests of involved parties, the
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Unrealistic management expectations, lack of training, overwhelming technological knowledge demands, mundane work, and the lack of industrial democratization alienate workers from work and process, all contributing to dissatisfaction (Eyerman, 2000, pp. 56-57). Germany has it right by institutionalizing industrial democracy, passing laws to give workers that right to have a participatory voice in the workplace (Krahn t al, 2012, p. 326). If reforms, both by state and employers, can genuinely contribute to workers’ welfare instead of simply becoming a tool to inflict another type of management control over workers, without impeding the profit imperative, then humanistic work reform is

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