Dehumanization Of Lower Class People Essay

1987 Words Nov 16th, 2016 8 Pages
There are many injustices throughout the world today, and one apparent example is the dehumanization of lower class people. Many people are exploited in order for others to make a profit. This is largely in developing countries, but it also exists in industrialized countries. The main cause of this injustice is large companies trying to make money. This injustice occurs in multiple forms, including ill treatment of naive people and discrimination of others for past mistakes. Catholic social teachings, such as life and dignity of the human person and dignity of work and the rights of workers, further explain how these injustices are truly immoral.
Foremost, the Catholic social teaching, life and dignity of the human person, teaches that everyone should be given equal rights for simply being born a human. They deserve the right to live their life, and they deserve to be treated with dignity because they are a human. This is further supported through a document known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document states that all humans have the right to basic necessities such as food, water, an education, shelter, etc. This Catholic social teaching is also present in our textbook on page 70 where it states that “a person is never to be used for another’s, or society’s, gain” (Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching). This quote contradicts the morality of slavery as well as peasant labor that was previously the dominant form of economics around the world because…

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