The Pros And Cons Of Genocide

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One of the most inhumane and evil world crimes today and throughout history is Genocide. Genocide is violence against whole group of people ultimately ending in the complete annihilation of that group or race. This tactic of violence against mass groups of people has been a method used throughout history by people around the world and still exists today. Racism and manipulation fuel this black fire that consumes millions at a time with no mercy. Genocide is an atrocity that is sadly occurring almost everywhere and must be stopped.
Genocide first originated from ancient times when conquerors killed all of the men of the newly controlled lands. Mass killings later evolved into the heretic destruction during the Albigensian Crusade in Europe during
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Genocide effects people mentally as well as physically both children and adults alike. During this outrageous crime most children lose their innocence and live to be cynical, angry individuals. Other children lose faith in religion and become antisocial only to live in seclusion; reminding themselves of the tragedy. Adults become disgusted and in a since guilty for not rebelling and dieting along with their brethren. This guilt has its negatives and positive. Some people psychologically can’t cope with the fact that they survived a catastrophe of such magnitude and find no meaning in living; ultimately committing suicide. Other people use the guilt to fuel their aspirations to connect with and help other victims like themselves. They tell of their stories and start programs to rebuild and rehabilitate lives. They give speeches at major international events to spark awareness of genocide and provide for memorials as well. Ever since World War two the U.N. has stepped up their game in persecuting and ridding the world of leaders across the globe that run these accounts of race extermination. This has been ignited by the soldiers of that time who came to rescue Jewish victims expecting simple war prisons only to witness the abomination produced in death camps. The looks on the faces of the mutilated and broken were enough to …show more content…
The organization plays in part with military communications on potential genocide civilizations and bring warning of new terrorist groups. They are a highly regarded organization whose recommendations are taken into consideration and usually put into action. The most recent objective of the organization is t better training of military officers on genocide recognition and early action as well as keeping close-knit allies that are working to prevent atrocities around the clock.
With these efforts more countries feel more encouraged to stand up to these crimes against humanity. Genocide is becoming less prominent and more predictable every day. There are constant changes being made to stop and persecute tyrants for their misconduct. Studies on genocide are becoming more prominent and accessible to the public. The world and local news stress genocide issues on every news channel making genocide information hard to ignore for even the youngest of

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