Essay about Dehumanization : Defining Evil By Harry Potter

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The characteristic of dehumanization in both Travis Prinzi’s “Dehumanization: Defining Evil in Harry Potter,” and the Harry Potter series written by J.K Rowling offers various similarities between the definition of the word evil, and the context for which the word can be used in respectively. With the philosophical text that Prinzi offers in his thesis regarding the validity of dually the denotation, and the connotation of the word evil, and how it is used to describe several characters in the series; light is shed upon why J.K Rowling may have chosen this word to depict several of the more nefarious personas more appropriately. Prinzi describes evil as being in different shades. The darker the “color”gets the more “evil” it is, by artistic definition. He views this way of visualizing wickedness as more effective as it provides a more graphic insight.
Prinzi additionally uses comparisons to the likes of C.S Lewis, Donald T.Williams, and J. R. R. Tolkien contrasted against J.K Rowling. He uses textual evidence from works such as; The Abolition of Man, The Green Book, and The Silmarillion to support the idea that both the terms “dehumanization” and “evil” can co-exist to describe someone such as Lord Voldemort. Prinzi says that Rowling used Voldemort as a stereotypical “Dark Stetson” to portray her villain in order to provide a cliche antagonist for her story promoting the use of the word evil in the process.
He asks the question “What makes dehumanization a definition of…

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