Essay about Dehumanization Coincides With Humanities Strive For Power

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Dehumanization coincides with humanities strive for power (Lammers 114). As written throughout history and literature when one thinks themselves superior, consequently everyone else becomes inferior in comparison. The act of Dehumanization enables people in power to make difficult decisions in a more indifferent, cold, and calculative manner (Haslam 252). Dehumanization is when a person considers another as less human than themselves, “…therefore, less deserving of humane treatment” (Misra). For example, the mandate from heaven, which is the ‘blessing from the gods’, the Zhou dynasty in China applies this mandate to justify their sovereignty to overthrow the Shang dynasty. In World War II, the Nazi’s would flood the radios and newspapers with propagandistic comments about how Jewish people were responsible for the problems prevalent in their society and how they were a threat to their way of life. People got a scapegoat to validate and justify their problems so they turn a blind eye to the horrific acts before them (Misra). The accustomization and desensitization of society towards the treatment of a group lead to the depravity of human nature. Such as within the Indian Caste system where the lowest class, the untouchables, are incapable of upward mobility, stuck in a broken feudal system. In people’s minds, there has to be a definitive bottom class so they do not question nor advocate a change of their treatment. Likewise, the Egyptian Pharaoh’s who put themselves on…

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