Dehumanization Among Prisoners During World War II Essay

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Dehumanization Among Prisoners

When considering the indescribable events that took place during World War II, often times people conclude that the guards of the concentration camps were the only ones who dealt out the inexplicable cruelty to the innocent Jewish prisoners of World War II. This statement later proves to be completely fictional. Elie Wiesel, writer of the memoir, Night describes the unthinkable injustice dealt to the prisoners by the German officers, but also the inconceivable: the dehumanization of prisoners by other prisoners. In his memoir, Wiesel goes beyond explaining the horrors of Hitler and the Nazi regime, but further explains how the prisoners and victims did nothing to rebel or perhaps even stay united as prisoners. As their stays in the camps further, the prisoners soon find that they are not the people their values are not what they once were; this leads to an every man for themselves mentality and leads to the eventual death of every one of them.

The new prisoners, not knowing what to expect as they arrive, soon realize that the mental and physical abuse will not only be by the Nazis themselves, but also by one another. Unsure of what was happening as they first arrived at Auschwitz, Wiesel and his father, after being told to lie about their age, heard an argument between a new prisoner and a prisoner who had some experience at Auschwitz. Furious and frustrated at the idiocy of the new prisoner, the veteran brutally proclaimed, “You shut…

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