Our Degrading Society Analysis

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The world that we live in is going down the drain. We see school shootings all the time, and we see people of fame drinking and using drugs on a regular basis. Kids are also being influenced by horrid ideas and societal norms. Our society now is built to corrupt the mind, and to enforce sin. We must find a way to stop these social norms from spreading, influencing, and corrupting our America.

By Noah Stevens, On the issue of our degrading society, 2015

Our problem comes from the corruption of the mind. Since the dawn of time, many people have chosen to follow a path of great evil instead of the plan that God has made for us. We have always stood up to these people and were able to show them the right way of living. Those who choose not to
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We must remove it from schools, libraries, media, the internet, and wherever else information can be transferred. If we can remove evil ideals and thoughts from this world wouldn 't it be a better place? Wouldn’t people be less tempted to do the wrong thing? If everybody knew what was “right” wouldn’t the threat of differentness disappear? Wouldn’t everybody be happier if we didn’t have to fight about what we believe? The clear answer to all these questions is yes, and now we must act on what we know is right. We must trust that God is on our side and fight for him. We must fight for the betterment of humankind.
Now that we know the problem, we must focus on correcting the problem. For too long we have been trying to fix something that cannot be fixed. We must bring heaven on earth, just like our God intends. I have been thinking about a solution that would surely and indefinitely fix the problem. Once you hear of this plan, pray to God, you will see that he too would support this idea. I am sure God has called me to share a message, and he is calling all of you to do his
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Government? The simple answer is through the church. The church is the most powerful institution worldwide. We have more power than anyone might think. Using the church we could easily create bombs and armies to achieve this easy step in bringing heaven on earth.
Once we have set up God 's army, and have full control of the Government, we can start to cleanse the Theocratic Coalition Under The Holy Bible (TCUHB) or the former United States. The first step in the cleansing is to build a giant wall surrounding the TCUHB so no one can get in or escape our nation. This is so we know the cleansing can be thorough, and our nation will continue to stay

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