Defying The Odds : Victor Cruz Essay

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In Bill Pennington 's “Defying the Odds: Victor Cruz” he talks about Victor Cruz’s unusual and difficult path to the NFL. Cruz has always been a very talented wide receiver, but it wasn’t his talent that was making his journey to the NFL difficult, it was his academics. “Cruz needed a C average to remain at the university. He was not close to that” (Pennington 867). Cruz was dismissed from the University of Massachusetts and his scholarship was revoked. I have always respected Cruz and he has been one of my favorite players, but after reading this article my respect for Cruz has grown immensely (Pennington). After being dismissed from school, Cruz did not have much to go back to at home and Cruz’s mother was distraught. “UMass was supposed to be his gateway out of a tough neighborhood, and she feared for what would happen if he went back. She worried he would never get out” (Pennington 867). Most people in this situation would think their chances are over, and they blew their shot, not many would be able to persevere. Cruz wasn’t like most people, though he was determined to make something of himself.
Cruz had already been through a good share of hardship already, his father passed away in 2007, but Cruz used this to fuel his fire instead of dragging him down. “Walker’s death in 2007 served to redouble Cruz’s focus on his studies. “I had to be the man of the family,” he said. “It was up to me not to waste the opportunities I had been given” (Pennington 872). Hard work…

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