Deforestation Essay

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By: Madan Thapa
Economics 2302
Tarrant County College

This paper gives the definition of deforestation and also shows the effects of it in the environment. This paper talks about the programs that are implemented in three major parts of the world Brazil in South America, Congo Basin in Africa and Indonesia in Asia.

A forest is a home of many animals, insects, and plants. Cutting down trees means making all of these creatures homeless and make them extinct. Deforestation means cutting down trees of a forest for other purposes such as to make a farm, for mining, to make roads and for grazing of cattle. Deforestation have a very serious effect on environment, but also people don’t stop cutting
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The wanted cutting down of trees of forests in order to increase the area to agriculture will obviously have negative impacts on the environment, so controlling these activities helps in protecting our forests. Hence, the program helped to reduce the rate of deforestation in Acre from 111,000 has/year in 2005 to 222,000 has/year in 2008, while increasing the contribution of agriculture and forestry to the State Gross Domestic (GDP) in the State at annual rate of 8.6%, in real terms, between 2002 and 2007 (“Fighting deforestation”).
In Congo Basin, the studies show that there is a decrease in precipitation and an increase in temperature as a result of deforestation. The Congo Basin forests is one of the largest forest basins in Africa and being degraded at a fast rate, it can indeed be expected that the Congo Basin deforestation might be an important factor affecting future climatic conditions of Africa (Nogherotto). The climate modeling approach has been used to see the impact of the full deforestation of the Congo Basin on the climate of Africa (Nogherotto). “This is achieved by inter comparing simulations driven by analyses of observations with and without deforestation over a

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