Definitions And Characteristics Of What Profession Essay

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This paper attempts to provide some definitions and characteristics of what profession, in order to argue whether nursing meets the criteria to be considered in property as such.
To argue the nursing position in the light of the concepts to analyze, you need an objective look back and critique of social history that precedes us.
The reflection will be conducted not intended to be just an academic exercise, based on the analysis of the different positions expressed in the literature and the authors themselves, but an invitation to the analysis of the collective, that substantiates property whether or not nursing one profession, and from this identifying necessary to address the way we have to go tools. body The meaning of profession, is frequently associated to an educational level obtained through higher education. However, the term requires further analysis from concept, historical development and thus gain an understanding as was outlining a profession in society.
According to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, one profession comes from the Latin professio-oni action and effect to profess. Employment, school or office someone holds and for which he receives remuneration.
Conill 2 curtain and defined the concept as a social activity cooperative, whose ultimate goal is to provide a specific and essential social good.
Professions in modern societies emerge from the eighteenth century. Dinwall 3 performs an analysis of the principles of…

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