Definition of Visitor Attraction Essay

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Visitor attraction management

Module: TSM08776 Visitor attraction management

Assessment: A

Matriculation No: 40228856

Due on: 14.03.2016, 16:00

Word count: 499

Module leader: Prof A. Leask

The purpose of this essay is to further discuss the definition of a visitor attraction. It shall further resolve if events should be defined as visitor attractions, as Swarbrook
(2001) characterizes them. Or rather should not be included in the definition as Getz
(2008) argues.
Visit England (2012) assigns the following characteristics to the definition; the fundamental purpose of an attraction must be one of the following: entertainment, interest or education, in unique occasions also worship. More than that it has to be
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Leipers definition the main attraction can be represented by a sight, a person or an event. This model then works entirely hand in hand with Swarbrooke (2001).
Morrison & Mill (1992) have described a visitor attraction as a singular operated sight or a clearly defined small geographical area with a single key element, that can awaken the interest of a large number of people so that those are willing to undertake a journey to said sight and halt there for a small period of time. In last definition



events are not included so it agrees more with the definitions of Visit England (2012) and Getz (2008)
In conclusion of this essay, the author suggest that all of the above mentioned definitions and many that are not mentioned in the essay can be used as universally accepted definition. Nevertheless many authors that have different definitions in witch they may or may not include events, afterwards address the same obstacles in visitor attraction management which implements, that the definition is not of essential concern. 3


Getz, D. (2008). Event tourism: Definition, evolution, and research. Tourism

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