Definition Paper on Honor

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Reed Kolany
September 23rd, 2012
Ms. Richardson
Period 1 Honor. There is a little bit of it in each of us. Some more than others do, but they earned it. Honor. Or it could be honour. It does not matter how it is spelled, it means the same universally. Honor. Great men and women earned it. They have gone beyond their normal duties to earn this. Honor. Local heroes have this too. They fall under the same category as great men and women. Honor. I think you get the point. I could keep going, but I need to get to the meat of the meaning. So here it goes… “Hey! You in the back turn around! Yes, you, turn around! All right then, now that everyone is here, we can get started. I know that none of you want to be here, but I am
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Even you parents, I doubt it. But then again, nobody has respected you either. You see, it’s cause and effect. If you don’t respect people, they won’t respect you back. And then you end up were you are now, semi-educated and locked up in Juvie all day. Not a good way to go. I earned my respect a couple ways, but the one thing that put me to the top was earning my Eagle Award.” Kids chuckle in the room. “Don’t laugh just because you’re jealous, but seriously it was well worth it. I was already well liked within my troop because I was one of the only semi-athletic kids in the entire troop, but after I ‘achiev[ed] the rank of Eagle Scout’, people started to treat me differently (Brainy Quote). Confidence is the key to success. Then again, if you ‘give up the confidence’ of trusting those whom you want to respect you, then ‘you can never regain their respect’ again (Brainy Quote). When I earned my Eagle, I never had to regain anybody’s respect. Having this high honor set the precedent for everyone else my age and everyone looked up to and respected me. All right then, less about me, and more about you. I know that most likely none of you is going to aspire to join a Boy Scout troop and earn your Eagle award, so I’ll leave you with this. Just promise me that you will go out and do something that you will feel good about and that somebody will recognize that you did. It doesn’t have to be big, it just need to count. I don’t care if

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