500 Words: The Ideal Writing Class

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500 Words Have you ever thought how many words in a paragraph there are? It depends on the length of the paragraph. During this class, it was necessary to build up an essay with more than 500 words. The essay was written about a subject that needed to be elaborate with lots of examples. This was not my first class online, however writing an essay it has not been easy for me. Sense I am a second language learner, most of my writing takes time because I have to make sure I am not writing how I talk. Also, my grammar is not that efficient because it reflects on my writing prompts. This class has helped me comprehend that a topic can be written in more than 500 words. It’s not easy to elaborate an essay that has fourteen pages, but not impossible to develop a topic of an essay. In addition, I have improved putting ideas on a paper to develop an essay with more than 500 words. However, many students can write essays with minimum grammatical errors. Students can elaborate a topic of an essay and make it flow to write their ideas. In contrast, my first essay “Technology Is on Our Hands” it influenced me …show more content…
Also, connecting my opinion with the tittle of the essay was a struggle. Choosing the correct setting to embrace and develop the essays was a challenge. However the main idea was not clear and the readers could not understand my point. . I did not have trouble for other students to agree with my opinion. We have considered that technology is a great tool, but for instructors to teach was a struggle. In fact, other students did not agree sense they have had lots of classes online. Therefore, I put both opinions and verify the tense, I was trying to express on my essay. Once again, I revise the grammatical errors and the spelling words. Also, make sure that my essay was written with more than 500

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