Definition of Terms Essay

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Definition of Terms
Mathew V Kurian

Definition of terms Every branch of science uses certain terms with specific meaning peculiar to itself The student of that branch has the responsibility not only to familiarize himself or herself with these terms but also has to have a thorough understanding as to what those terms are meant to be in order to master that field of study. In order to master the study of Information System in Health care, a thorough under-standing of the following terms are very important.
AMR. The Automated Medical Record. The Automated Medical Record is a clinical information system with powerful facilities for querying and decision support. Automated Medical Record is the
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For the professionals, it helps them serve the patient better. CMS. Center for Medicare and Medicaid service. This is a name in the health care field that nobody is unheard off. The center for Medicare and Medicaid is an autonomous- body that regulates and controls the Medicare and Medicaid program. A big share of the income of any health care provider, or physician comes from these programs or either one of this program. Medicaid and Medicare are two governmental programs that provide medical and health-related services to specific groups of people in the United States. Both Medicaid and Medicare were created when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed amendments to the Social Security Act on July 30, 1965. CMS manages the $820 billion federal agency, which ensures health care coverage for 100 million Americans with 10 regional offices and more than 4,000 employees nationwide.
CPT. current Procedural Terminology. This is a type of code. Codes are assigned to every services and procedures done by a medical practitioner. These services can fall under medical, surgical, and diagnostic services. Insurance companies use these codes to determine the amount reimbursement. These codes are used uniformly, meaning that every one uses it to mean the same thing. The AMA publishes an updated CPT each year. In 1983, the government adopted CPT as a major component, known as Level one of Health care Common Procedure Coding System. Today, CPT is the

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