Definition Of Strong Life

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Register to read the introduction… The authors defined strength as “consistent, near perfect performance in an activity.” By this definition of strength, the authors gave examples of strong lives built upon their strengths: Bill Gates’ “genius at taking innovations and transforming them into user-friendly applications”; Tiger Woods’ “extraordinary long-game”; and Cole Porter’s ability to “carve the perfect lyric.” Then the authors revealed three principles of living a strong life: (i) consistency; (ii) do not have to be strong in every aspects of your role to succeed; (iii) succeed by maximizing strengths, not by fixing weakness. Furthermore, to answer the question “what do you need to build your life around your strengths?” , three revolutionary tools were provided to build a strong live: (i) understanding of how to distinguish your natural talents from things you can learn; (ii) a system to identify your dominant talents; (iii) a common language to describe your talents. Strengths Building. Strengths are built upon Talents, and Talents are refined with Knowledge and Skills. For the purpose of strength building, knowledge consists of factual and experiential knowledge. Skills are the steps of an activity and bring structure to experiential knowledge. Talent is defined as “recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can productively applied.” Building a strength is to “apply this recurring pattern productively and, by combining it with knowledge and skills, to turn it into a

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