Essay about Definition Of Reading Comprehension And Comprehension

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Many children and adults have sat for hours with a book in hand, only to later realize that they had not retained any of the information that they read. The ability to comprehend text is an integral skill in communication, in school, and in the day to day life. Merriam-Webster defines comprehension as “the capacity for understanding fully” , “knowledge gained by comprehending”, or “the act or action of grasping with the intellect (Merriam-Webster). However, some would say that the definition of reading comprehension has moved beyond mere understanding. According to some scholars, the definition now includes the dynamic, reciprocal interactions among reader, text, and the context of the reader’s prior literacy schema (Ulmer et al). Comprehension is affected by prior background knowledge, interest in the reading material, short-term memory, reading speed, sleep quality and quantity, word recognition and vocabulary, processing abilities, attention disorders, reading strategies, content of the text, internet usage, and many other factors. As online communication grows in popularity, reading comprehension grows in value. Online job applications, social media, e-mail, text messaging, and the digitization of many college courses demand for a person to be readily able to be able to communicate effectively; and a big part of communication is the ability to understand the author’s intent. This paper will provide a brief history of reading instruction, delve into the factors that…

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