Definition Of Positive Thinking Essay

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 Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results.
 In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality.

• We improvised and designed the MSU lavatory by providing facilities and crucial essentials for the female students to make them comfortable to use the lavatory. We focused in providing eco friendly lavatory for the female students. We provided automatic sensor doors in the toilet so the handicap won’t feel difficult to push the door. Furthermore, to open outwards from the inside so that in order to exit, the doors must be pushed rather than pulled. Our aim is prevent them from having to touch a
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For example there is alarm, automatic door, automatic flush in our lavatory, but sometimes it might be not functional and people will suffer if there is an emergency. Furthermore sometimes the sanitary machine and hand sanitizes, hot and cold water press button, locker also might be make problems , such as the locker will locked by itself and the machines might be not functional and it will take time to service again. People are sometimes soiled by overly sensitive automatic-flushing toilets that trigger while still in use or too quickly as the person begins to stand overly powerful pressure-assisted, water-saver toilets sometimes spray dirty water on toilet seats. Both problems are …show more content…
 For some, strong emotions tend to interfere with balanced and realistic thought processes and can result in distorted views of situations and relationships.

 Parents

• Parents who are with their babies would feel more convenient if there is a baby room and pampers and napkin machine. This would make their life much easier because they don’t have to carry their children’s essentials where ever they go instead they can buy it from the machine provided in the lavatory and also change their clothes, pampers and napkin in the space provided for them.

 Sanitary towel

• Females those are going through menstruation. Not all females remember to bring their sanitary towel during their menstruation. They can buy it in the lavatory if they don’t have one for an emergency. This is why we decided to provide them a sanitary towel machine in the lavatory.

 Alarm

• People who have difficulty in breathing and more can press the emergency alarm provided in the toilet. This could help everyone who may need an emergency help when they are in the toilet.

 Rest

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