Definition Of Physical Activity And Public Health Essay

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The article is aimed towards adult Americans because adult Americans are becoming more and more sedentary even when Americans have accepted that physical activity is important. "Physical Activity & Public Health: A recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine" concludes that with proper implementation of physical activity, our society and community will improve aspects of mental and physical health substantially. The United States has a history and a reputation for being overweight and unhealthy.
An expert panel reviews the correlation between a sedentary lifestyle and negative consequences due to this lifestyle and consequently claims that physical activity improves mental and physical health including factors: flexibility, muscular strength, disease prevention, anxiety, depression, and overall quality of life. This is substantiated through several other studies mentioned throughout the article. They cited cross-sectional, epidemiologic studies and controlled experimental investigations. After reading this article, the authors want the audience to implement a healthier lifestyle including physical activity in their day to day actions. The article cites several different studies including Healthy People 2000 and references several articles like Physical Activity and…

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