Definition Of Personal Leadership Styles Essay

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According to Clawson, J. (2012), “legitimate power relies on title rather than on expertise or willingness to exchange rewards.” Most leaders over time will cultivate their own distinctive approaches to leading and supervising others. Beginning with the employing and supervision viewpoint, comprehending the different types of personal leadership styles can have benefits such as properly assigning leaders for the organization. Choosing the correct leaders for the many different jobs within the organization can be considered a tactical move that can help the organization to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.
Motivating the Employees
A leader that has a commanding style can bring a feeling of optimism along with confidence in the workplace dynamics. A great leader can stimulate and encourage workers to accept the company’s viewpoint and adopt a positive outlook. A Confident leader can persuade their employees to work towards a goal by giving a well-defined objective, helpful pointers and a pleasant team environment. A manager’s leadership style can be the most beneficial when the company begins launching new projects, establishing new merit goals or simply beginning a new program designed for recruiting new employees.
Develop Workforce
A leader that utilizes a coaching style is of tremendous benefit to the company and can enhance team growth. This leader will be eager to assist others in identifying and developing ways to enhance the personal growth within the…

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