Essay on Definition Of Nursing : The Human Brain

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Definition of Nursing
Let us take a look at the human brain, it is a pretty marvelous thing. The brain tells you when to walk, talk, eat, and even type papers. The brain controls our breathing, our emotions and how we perceive ideas. The brain is definitely an amazing organ but my favorite organ is the heart. The heart send blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to the organs in the body. The heart may be tiny but it is filled with power. This is more than some anatomy and physiology lesson it also pertains to health care. “Doctors are the brain of the hospital, nurses the heart. If the brain stops working the heart keeps going, but it f the heart stops nothing will manage.” (Unknown)
The purpose of this paper is to fully explain what nursing means to me personally. I will start by giving my definition of nursing. I will then explain what makes nursing unique compared to other healthcare professions. I then will go on to demonstrate how nursing is a profession and talk about the mission of nursing. Next I will tell how I came to want to be a nurse and how this experience shaped my view on caring. Then I will talk about two nursing theorist who I believe I would closely model after. Lastly I will go over my future personal and professional contribution to the nursing profession, also give my personal philosophy.
What Does Nursing Mean to Me
Nursing, by definition according to ANA (2016) is “The protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of…

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