Definition Of Neoliberalism From David Harvey Essay

1938 Words Nov 27th, 2016 8 Pages
For the purposes of this essay, I shall take my definition of neoliberalism from David Harvey. Harvey defines neoliberalism as being made up of two major elements: it is both a utopian economic project and a potent class project . The former refers to the interpretation of neoliberalism a project to realise a theoretical design for the re-structuring of global capitalism . The latter refers to the veaiew that neoliberalism is a political project, primarily designed to re-establish the conditions for capital accumulation and bring back power to economic elites. Ferguson elaborates that unlike liberalism which considered the state and private realms to be separate, neoliberalism blurs this boundary: ‘neoliberalism puts governmental mechanisms developed in the private sphere to work within the state’ . Post-neoliberalism implies therefore some continuity with this definition but also some deviance from it. In the examples, I will take from Latin America and Africa, we will see that post-neoliberal projects remain consistent with the utopian economic project—with neoliberal understanding of fiscal policy, development and rational, utility-maximising individuals. However post-neoliberalism de-couples this neoliberal rationality from the neoliberal class project, using neoliberal techniques for different ends, namely ends which attempt to serve the needs of poor people. Yet we must remember that even a neoliberalism which serves the poor, incurs the problematic consequences of…

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