Essay on Definition Of Morality Within Schools

1475 Words Jan 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Morality Within Schools There has been a lot of controversy on what the school can, and cannot, control, yet there still seems to be a problem all over the states. High School is very stressful with curriculums that colleges have used in the past, and students are trying to fight their way around the system. They are using resources from the internet to pass them through the class. High school can be a very stressful time for students, and some of them have negative things going on in their lives. I would hope that students attending W-SR would have enough integrity to know that cheating and or plagiarism is not the answer. I also hoped that the W-SR high school had integrity, but I’m not quite so sure about that anymore.
Technology and media have been very influential in our society and our schooling systems, but some teachers think that it is beginning to interfere with students’ education. Back in the 30’s, they did not have cell phones, computers, and iPads. Meaning that they had to do all of their work on their own, or with the help of parents or acquaintances. Nowadays, students have access to multiple different websites and apps that can aid them in their school work. The students using these resources think that it is okay to always rely on them, but teachers say otherwise. One would think to blame the students for cheating, but I believe that it is partially the internet. Although there are some lazy students out there, I do not think that 74% of students are…

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