Definition Of Marketing Communication

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Marketing communication means communicating through marketing strategy with the market. They refer to the messages and related media that is used to communicate and therefore it is the promotion part of the "marketing mix" . That means the "four Ps": price, place, promotion, and product. Marketing communication also means the strategy which is used by a company to reach their target market through various modes of communication.
Marketing communication is done by the individuals or companies who are into advertising, sponsorship, public relations, branding, brand language,promotion, publicity, sales, direct marketing, graphic design, marketing, packaging sales promotion and online marketing. They are also called as
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He encodes into a code and sends it to the receiver through a channel ( medium of communication). Then the receiver receives the message decodes it and understand the meaning behind it. So, the process starts with the sender and ends with the receiver. Noise means any obstacle or barrier in the communication process.

Communication platforms

Social Media
Social media marketing is on the rise. It is gaining popularity with every passing days. It includes Facebook, Vimeo, youtube, instagram, whatsapp etc. People are always active on social media and hence it is a very nice connect point. Even before, television or radio or newspaper, the ad of a company reaches us by facebook or other social media. 88% of the company are satisfied with social media marketing according to a survey in 2011.


Email marketing is direct marketing tool wherein a commercial message is sent to a group of people using email. It is called email marketing where every mail sent to a customer is commercial . It is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness involving using email to send ads, request business. This is a effective way because it can give the customer a sense of personal connect and make him respond soon. Email marketing has become very common and through SEM It becomes more easier .
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• Developing Strategic Vision- to develop a mission and vision statement and then communicate it well to the public.
• Creating Brand Awareness- branding and brand image comes under this which is again done through proper communiation.
• Fostering Goodwill- Goodwill is fostered through proper marketing communication. When the company is able to make people believe that the products and services it provides are of the best of qualities and there is a trust and loyalty built , goodwill is immediately created and fostered.

Example : Apple phones and laptops have a goodwill because its under the apple brand. So there is a trust and sense of loyalty towards the customers.

• Attracting Talent- Attracting talent is a must for every growing company and therefore the role of communication is to make sure that the best of talenst are recruited..
• Informing Investment Community- Keeping the investors informed is a very important part of marketing communication.. So, the companies and business houses print the news releases out about the output, profits, sales and all the milestones reached. They also announce major events

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