Essay On Liberty Is Freedom

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Liberty is simply freedom. “The shortest definition I know is, liberty is freedom. It is, however, as important to know what it does not mean as it is to know what it does mean.” (Stewar) I cannot think of a better way to define liberty. Some may experience liberty in their personal lives because of many reasons. It is the right to speak one’s mind, voice opinions, and to decide who is going to lead a nation and that in itself is liberty. An example of liberty is a slave finally becoming free and getting that sense of liberation. When one does not need to work anymore; they may feel a sense of liberation, or freedom. That being said, having liberty is an amazing feeling. It is a feeling of independence or freedom. It is having the choice …show more content…
However, not everyone experiences liberty in the same way. Once living a life in bondage, when one is finally free and getting to make choices on their own, they learn to love and appreciate the word liberty. Knowing the importance of a word such as liberty is important as knowing what it actually feels like. Liberty can be a privilege whether it be from a nation or a parent. As long as freedom is involved in the equation, liberty is in action. Independence, freedom, liberation —they are all synonymous to the word liberty.
America is the perfect example of what liberty truly is. Their First Amendment revolves around the freedom to the people’s religion, speech, and press. Liberty is built into the foundation of America. The citizens of America are ensured their liberty in everything they do. There is even a comprised Bill of Rights that are a collection of the amendments that are there to make sure that liberty exists within the country.
Liberty is a privilege that some may take for granted. It is a flexible term that can relate to a country as a whole or an individual. Liberty is experienced in several ways, some being vaguer than others. However, liberty is a universal term that is experienced within many different groups with many different

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