Definition Of Knowledge Is Power Essay

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Knowledge Is Power “READ! READ! READ!” It was at the top of almost all of my English teachers syllabi throughout high school. I enjoyed reading but I didn’t ever have much time to do so. I don’t think I understood the true importance of reading until now. Growing up I’ve always heard “the more you read, the more you know.” I found that rather cliché but I have come to find that it is the truth. In the essay “The Freedom Education Brings,” by Timmika Ross and the article “Reading Remains The Key To Success,” by Alonzo Weston “the more you read the more you know,” is shown to be true. I remember when I first started reading, and the struggles I faced, which really has taught me to understand how important reading and literacy is. My experiences throughout life have shaped my attitude toward literacy, reading, and education in a more positive way by teaching me how to retain skills for everyday life, improve comprehension, and to be more successful in college.
My parents saw that making reading fun for me was important to them, so that’s exactly what they did. I remember the best part of reading was when I would finish a whole page in a book my mom and dad would sometimes let me stay up later, or I could have one piece of candy out of the candy jar. I believe that they younger a child is when they start reading the better off they will be when they enter school. In the article “Reading Remains the Key to Success” by Alonzo Weston, it is mentioned that it’s important for a…

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