Definition Of Intellectual Development Within The Field Of Psychology

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Perhaps the best way to begin a train of thought about a topic is to outline what the topic technically is. A definition of intellectual development comes from the field of psychology. It says that intellectual development is best defined as a persons ability to think about and understand the world around them. Experiences they have lay the foundations for all future development (An Introduction to Intellectual Development). As stated in the last part of this definition, all your experiences prepare you for future, that is, if you are willing to learn from your past. As this relates to my philosophy of learning, primary school prepared me for secondary school, which in turn prepared me for a post secondary education at Letourneau, which is designed to prepare me for the final step in my intellectual life: my vocation. As a person moves through an educational progression, each stage builds the experiences that will prepare them for the next stage, until they have begun their desired career. Lifelong learning is a pretty self explanatory idea. As you have experiences throughout your life, you must continue to learn from them so you can apply them to the future. In my experience the wisest and most successful people are those who are always teachable, humble, and willing to learn. It is easy to learn when the experiences are intended to be educational. What lets a person develop a well rounded knowledge is their willingness to learn from events that are not…

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