My Definition Of Faith Essay

The average day of a mother is filled with dreaded, tiresome tasks. Snooze the alarm at six-thirty, sleepily tiptoe downstairs to find an empty coffee pot and week-old dinner plates on the counter. Do the dishes, fold the laundry, wake the children. Pack the lunches, wait in traffic, go to work. When soccer practice and voice lessons are finally over, she is left just enough time to prepare a meal and send the children up to bed, where they will rest silently for mere hours until it’s time to repeat the cycle. Nothing about this day sounds appealing, yet millions of moms across the nation spend their days doing exactly this. Why? Because mothers love their children so deeply that they would do anything to watch them succeed, even if the cost …show more content…
Each person may have their own definition of faith, and varying opinions on what role it plays in our lives. I will use Paul Tillich’s definition, that faith is “the state of being ultimately concerned” (Tillich 1). To be entirely faithful to something is to center your life around it, and consider it in every choice you make. This may consequently alter the course of our lives, but we outweigh our trade-offs with the blind hope that our faithfulness will pay off. This does not have to be belief in some higher power or a holy scripture. Faith may be as simple as believing in your will to overcome adversity. I, and others, believe that to live morally and meaningfully, one must have some degree of faith. Tillich states that faith is a conscious and courageous act (Tillich 5, 18). Being faithful means not only being aware of our decision to believe in something, but knowing that there is a possibility that what we believe is wrong. Faith is the grey area between complete confidence and the unknown. It resembles loyalty to a friend: you know they are capable of wrongdoings, yet you choose to believe in their potential. The courage in faith comes from the awareness that something so impactful on your life has the capacity to be

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