Definition Of Dimensions Of Diversity Essay

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Dimensions of Diversity This is an image of a school parking lot.The paraplegic parking within this vicinity is highly visible, and reveals a status of inclusiveness for the needs of physically disable students within this community, and its education facility. This image also reflects the progressive initiatives entering our Education system today, in relation to catering for the diverse needs of disabled students. The New Zealand Government (1989) Education Act of 1989 has left an influential imprint in the education system of New Zealand, providing opportunity for the ‘disadvantaged’. The Act brought into play a clear intention that is “People who have special education needs (whether because of disability or otherwise) have the same rights to enroll and receive education at state schools as people who do not” (Section 8). A provision such as this enabled the enrollment of disabled students at their local school, in accordance to parental choice, rather than with an education official’s approval. An act of which incorporated explicit and comprehensive principles in regards to Integrating these differing groups of people into ‘the social contract’ (Wills & Rosenbaum, 2014). Although there is this shift towards a total and whole embodiment acceptance of disability needs and its equal inclusion within the classroom and community, it stills sits on the border line of ´Separate´ but equal (Wills & Rosenbaum, 2014).

Allocating and prioritizing reserved parking like the…

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