Definition Of Career Development Theories Essay

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Scenario 1:
Joe is currently in 12th grade. He is unsure about his career goals following graduation and comes to you for career counseling. Joe reports that he is under enormous pressure and feels stressed. He is an honor roll student and has high grades in math, history, and art. His parents are both lawyers and want him to eventually attend law school so that he can work in the family’s law firm following graduation. While in high school, he has been a member of the debate team. However, Joe joined the debate team primarily to please his parents. Joe is artistic and enjoys his art and photography classes. He mentions that he would like to attend an art school following graduation but he has only applied to traditional 4-year universities. 1. Understanding career development theories, in what stage would you say that the client’s problems began?
Using the adolescent career development, the theory that best describes Joe’s current situation would be in the life-span theory. The life-span theory is helpful to those clients that are trying to identify their career selection process. Life-span theory can help Joe to learn how to deal with the issues that are imbedded in his life. The Super’s Late Growth Stage of Adolescent Career Development in Life-Span Theory is the best way to describe how Joe’s problems may have started. Since Joe is on the verge of graduating from high school and does not know what his career path will look like because he is torn in between what he…

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