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1. The word art refers to the creative ability and the outcome of human action with consciousness involved. The precise definition of arts is debateable and has become so vast since the human perception keeps on evolving. The human understanding of life is continuously evolving and our perception is constantly changing as the technological advancements in science are affecting our daily life. The art I believe emerges out of the absurdity of life, existence and all of the connotations attached to human existence lead to the creation of art. Art for according to some people is the act of creation. When a human creates something out of using cognitive abilities
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Beauty cannot be defined through a fixed standard since it differs based on the perspective of each individual. Every person perceives objects in a way that is absolutely unique to them. Beauty can be defined by a person through the way they see things. The aspects that please a person can be defined as being perceived to be beautiful. Beauty is a combination of the visual aspects of an object that pleases the aesthetic sense of a person through sight. The physical characteristics of a person, object or even a situation that are admired by a person can be defined as beauty.
There is however, a standard of beauty that is formulated by the majority of the society. Media has been an influential source is creating the opposite definition of beauty. The definition of beauty defined by the media is criticised for objectifying the physical characteristics of people mostly women. It has created a standard of beauty that is globally acclaimed as the true description of desired beauty. Women are portrayed as merely objects that are exempted from possessing any natural characteristics that are present in a human. The media depicts women as a flawless object and intimidates those who do not match the set standard of
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Here I’d like to introduce a term which is Melancholia, There are people who feed themselves from the pain and misery, objectively people might call them sick and call their behaviour unnatural but the truth is that human perception is so diverse that nothing can be declared as objectively beautiful. Art is a beautiful phenomenon is a sense that it represents human emotions. Relating beauty with the emotion happiness, I believe is immaturity of perception. A sad and dreadful, dramatic situation can be as beautiful as a happy smile and rainbows and other attached. Life I believe is a combination of beauty and ugliness and that mixture of both the states is what should be called beautiful. A harmony between both the sides of the world is beautiful. The paradoxical nature of beauty and ugliness leaves a man, if embraced in its true nature is beauty. However the things which are being advertised as art are not the true sense of arts. There is no target meaning of excellence. All definitions add up to the same thing; that workmanship is what makes excellence show, and magnificence is what satisfies without energizing longing. However, there is and can be no clarification of why one thing satisfies one man and disappoints another, so researchers can 't work out the laws of

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