Definition of a Marketing Essay

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Definition of Marketing Paper Written By Cecily Hickman
University of Phoenix Marketing 421 – Marketing August 28, 2012 Prof. Catherine Lovett

Marketing is an important asset to any business in the fact that it helps a business to be able to remain competitive in the industry and it also, depending on how well the marketing department is for a specific company, helps them to set a precedence of uniqueness and individuality in the industry. In this paper, I plan to define marketing, talk about what I perceive marketing to be, and discuss the importance of marketing to an organization.
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The Sales groups are responsible for actually going out and winning the new business. Without a marketing department it would be very hard to retain and manage existing and new customers. Marketing is the core group that is going to research products, advertise them, and promote the product. The Marketing department is designed to look out for the best interest of the company and the industry in making sure customer satisfaction is provided. Marketing is a very diverse field in the fact that this group wears many different hats. Their purpose is to establish, distribute, and provide products that are going to be attractive for new customers (or clients) and existing. For example, ADT is constantly trying to create products that have not been created yet in terms of security. One of our creations was ADT Pulse, were we are able to offer alarm systems that a person can manage off site by use of a smart phone or laptop. This is a product that set us apart from the industry and had our competitors figuring out ways to offer the same solution. Problem is, most of your competitors don’t have the technology or expertise to support a system like ours so they don’t last in the industry very long. Based off the above definition of marketing, the success of the Marketing department determines the success of the organization. If you have a marketing department that plans a good approach, and nows the

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