Essay on Definition Of A Good Parent

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“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands” (Anne Frank). The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word good as, “Of moral excellence; upright,” and the word parent as, “A person who raises a child.” These words alone give little indication of what being a good parent really entails. A good parent is more than just a mother or a father who raises a child. As a mother of three, I strive to be what my definition of a good parent is to my children. Parents are role models and instillers, present and active in their child’s life, and undeniably love their child or children. As a mother, I see how my children watch and imitate my actions and my words. I must exhibit values I want to instill upon them: hard work, compassion, and honesty. Having lived with my father for a few years while raising my oldest two children, our weekend routine was cutting wood and hauling it back to the house. Eventually this wood, would be burned in the wood stove. This was our source of hot water and heat in the winter. My children aided in loading and stacking the wood. By doing this, they learned the importance of hard work as well as a sense of importance in helping provide for the family. However, hard work is not just about manual labor. It can also be working hard in school. Every night we have homework time where we all sit and do our respective homework together. Even if I don’t have homework,…

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