Essay on Definition Of A Discourse Community

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My definition of a discourse community is basically any group of people who share similar interests and knowledge about a topic, have some common background or experiences, and share some way of communicating with each other. The student body here at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is my discourse community. I am a part of this group because I know how difficult it can be the first few days of college to navigate around campus and find the simple things like where to find the library, computer lab, printers, and most importantly where the classes are. Every member of this group has attended and graduated out of high school during some part of our academic career where the teachers are more lenient, classes are way smaller, and the constant reminders of what needs to be done and when assignments are due. I have successfully joined this discourse community because my application to UTA was accepted, I registered for classes, try to attend most of the campus events, join organizations and fraternities, know the amount of effort and time it takes to be successful in a college course, and most important of all is just having the Maverick pride.
The UTA student body is a discourse community because we share many connections with one another through campus events, organizations, fraternities, and study groups. Holding a strong bond during the tough and difficult times. My first few days of joining this discourse community was a very confusing experience for me because…

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