Definition Essay On Vanity

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Vanity is such a word that over time its meaning has hardly changed. Although, vanity is seen among almost every ancient culture of the world. That gives reason to ask what exactly is vanity. With, little insight into the true definition of the word, one can only imagine what this must mean. To even attempt to define such an abstract word one must look at the history of vanity, explain what vanity is not, and give examples of vanity.
Initially, a somewhat formal definition of vanity will be given, excessive pride in one’s appearance or achievements some might say. This was characterized by doing many things of course. For instance, the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt often viewed themselves as gods amongst men. This was so common in fact,
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For instance, Vanity is a six letter word that can be used to describe how someone is treating someone else. There is a different form of the word which is vain. A somewhat different definition of vanity would be something that is considered vain is empty or valueless. An example of where vanity is to be expected of someone is living in an isolated area and interacting with nothing but themselves the whole time deriving of the wilderness itself and in those cases, they would surely get pleasure from their own self because there would be no one else to get it from. Vanity, in my opinion, could not mean bravery because to be stating that you are better than someone and that you love your own image that means you're more of a coward than brave. Also, Vanity is one of the greatest stories ever told. I recall there being many novels and writings concerning the word vanity and this isn't a shock to me. One of the most memorable stories of vanity was the one I mentioned earlier about Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection in the water. Vanity is a very controversial thing in my opinion and I'm sure others feel the same. Spending time reflecting on one's own image is not a good way to live life. There's much more to be obtained from life than. People of the past I'm sure would have regretted being vain if they could see how others truly viewed them as a result of this. In other words, Vanity can be the

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