Definition Essay On Marriage

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Everyone has their own definition of marriage and how it should be. By law marriage is the only legal union between two individuals. In the Bible, marriage is the holy covenant before God. Either way marriage is supposed to be the ultimate commitment to one another. Legally two individuals become one and religiously it is no longer I or me it becomes we. Even though some people do not feel the need to work that hard for marriage, others may not take it seriously. Marriage is still worth it. Marriage promotes love, family, a stable environment and a loving home for children. Most people’s dream.
As a child, there was always fairytales told about the prince that finds his princess and they fall deeply in love. Soon after meeting, they get married
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When parents are married the children have both of the parents in the household. Family creates a team, and there is no one person doing all the work. When one parent cannot do what is needed the other parent may be capable of fulfilling the children’s needs or wants. When there is marriage to bind the family, responsibilities tend to be split. Whether it is one partner working while the other stay at home or both parents working either one could be an ideal situation, depending on the individual. When one parent stays home and the other works fulltime, the parent at home can give the children undivided attentions while the other parent provides. If both parents work its spilt directly down the middle, both parents provide and both give the attention needed. Income increase, stability is ensured, and the parental guidance of two parents rather than one. This will increase the likelihood of the children to stay on the right path and succeed. More successful marriages lead to more successful …show more content…
Believe it or not marriages can be considered a part of health. When a person is in love that makes them fulfilled emotionally. Having that missing puzzle piece contributes to a person overall happiness and since it is a couple that makes two people emotionally stabled. Being happily married with a family now, not only completes the adult, but now bestows health on the children. The health of the children can be defined emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially. Emotionally the children have love from both parents and will be able to repeat the same love on to their special someone in the future. Physically the children are in a stable household, growing up with the economic advantages of two parents, which can provide for their every need and most of their wants. Socially, the children learn and develop the social skills by communicating with their family so when the children are in the real world they are able to communicate with different people. Families do not consist of a single personality which teaches the children how to adapt to different people. The mental state of mind deals with the emotional, physical, and social state of children and if all three are provided the mental state of the children are in a good

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