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There are many differing ideas about what makes a food “healthy,” as well as different interpretations of what “healthy” actually means to certain individuals. To maintain proper function and performance, we require a healthy and balanced diet of nutritious foods. It sounds simple enough to do. However, just what makes a food healthy or nutritious is up for debate, and there seems to be no one right answer. Between the ambiguous and questionable labeling practices of the food industry and the many conflicting diet-specific and scientific definitions of just what “healthy” really means, trying to maintain balanced and smart eating choices can be downright difficult. A clear, objective definition and understanding of what makes a food healthy …show more content…
These diet plans disagree with each other on the subject of which food choices are most healthy, and the same food may be deemed nutritious by one and bad for one’s health by the other. Some of these diets were originally created with the intention of helping people with specific food allergies, sensitivities, or health problems that make eating certain types of foods difficult or even dangerous. This includes the gluten-free diet, which was first used for people with wheat allergies, Celiac disease, or insulin resistance. Other types of diets, such as vegan and vegetarian plans, are most often adopted because of concerns about animal cruelty and ethical issues. These diets, and others, have since become popular plans intended for weight loss or improvement of health. Additional special diets which tout novel regimens and various “superfoods” include the fat-heavy Mediterranean diet, the meat-filled paleo diet, low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie diets, and many more. Some care about the specific nutrients consumed while others pay attention to broader guidelines. There are even extreme diets that consist of only one type of food, such as juice or soup “cleanses.” The main rules of these different diets all seem to contradict each other. For example, some say that eating fats is the main cause of health and weight issues while others promote healthy fat consumption and instead shun any carbs or grains. While vegan diets avoid animal products that are believed to ruin health, the paleo diet is full of hearty, protein-rich meat and dairy. If someone were to turn to the internet to find information about what foods they should be eating with the goal of being more healthy, they would more than likely find countless websites and articles from

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