Definition Essay : Mind Body Dualism

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Mind Body Dualism
When separated from their body, a person is given a difficult choice on who they will torture. In this scenario, two people consciously switch their bodies. Then, they are given a choice: they can transfer their mind into this new body and have their old body receive torture, or they can be transferred into the new body and then consciously receive the torture (344). The choice that a person makes showcases whether they will choose to preserve their old body, relying on the body as a sense of self, or protect their mental state, relying on the mind as a sense of self (345). In this experiment, the person who will make the choice to allow the body that they left behind to be tortured identifies their mind as their identity. This emphasizes the importance of the mind in the identification of self. This relates to the larger question: does one person resonate more with their body or with their mind? This paper will argue that the true identity of a person is in their mind. Although Descartes’ theory of Mind Body Dualism correctly describes the relationship between mind and body, it fails to reach a suitable distinction between the two concepts due to Ryle’s category mistake accusation, forcing the concept of identity to solely rely on the concept, mind or body, that has a stronger effect on the other.
In Meditations on the First Philosophy paper, Descartes claims that the mind is a separate entity from the body (177). His stance, mind-body dualism, proves…

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