The Rise In Plastic Surgery

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Beauty: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight. The definition of beauty, when defined by the dictionary really gives the word “beauty” a sense of it being of an object, like a piece of art or a sculpture perhaps. However, we know this is not so because everyday we see some form of “beauty” that we as people try to achieve. Everyone wants to have that perfect image and portrayal of beauty that can be seen by everyone, yet what we all fail to realize is that beauty can be portrayed differently from person to person. While I may look at someone and say they 're the most beautiful person I have ever seen, someone else may look and say the opposite. This goes deeper than just …show more content…
I understand that for various reasons someone may undergo plastic surgery because it affects their daily life, yet in today 's society plastic surgery is used everywhere and it 's almost as simple as picking out new clothes. Alternatively rather than picking out a nice new shirt, it 's more like “well how plump do I want my lips this month” which can cost anywhere from $500-$2000 dollars each time. People temporarily “fix” their face to be “beautiful”, and often fail to realize that these surgeries do not last forever, look unnatural, and can ruin the way you age, meaning you 'll need more to fix it; that 's where it all goes south. As told in the song by Melanie, “If you weren 't born with it, You can buy a couple ornaments Just be sure to read the warning, kids 'Cause pretty soon you 'll be bored of it...” (Martinez) she talks about the effects of starting the process of plastic surgery. Implying that once you start it becomes an addicting -- and sometimes necessary due to the effects plastic surgery has on your face-- process that eventually becomes boring and seems as nothing. To add to this she says “Kids forever... baby soft skin turns into leather...” (Martinez). Here she actually states the effects of surgery, which tightens the skin, much like leather is pulled tightly and is hard. To further support this another article regarding the rise in plastic surgery amongst teens and young adults today, it is written that: “...some procedures like overly plumped lips and a frozen forehead can actually age you beyond your years” (AAFPRS). Which you know if you 've ever closely looked at someone with plastic surgery. You 'll see that it looks just like what it says, plastic. No matter how young they are, they begin to age quickly and as that is happening

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