Definition And Description Of Procedural Justice Essay

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Legitimacy Issue 2: How to Train
Step 1: Definition and Description of Procedural Justice
Procedural justice can be delineated as the application of fairness in the dispute resolution processes and allocation of resources (Tyler, Tom & Juen, 2002). It is palpably factual that one of the major facets of procedural justice is associated with discussions with regard to the execution and administration of legal proceedings and justice. In United States, procedural justice is allied with the Due Process where law enforcement is expected to respect all legal rights that are entitled to each citizen (Tyler, Tom & Juen, 2002). Thus, in order to derive the importance of procedural justice particularly in policing, it is noteworthy that effective policing is highly dependent to citizen cooperation and collaboration with the law enforcers (Hawdon, 2008). This means that in order to enhance this cooperation between the citizens and police officers, it is factual that citizens ought to take law enforcers as part of the community. This is based on the fact that public support by police officers which is one of the aspects of police legitimacy is based on citizens’ cooperation and collaboration with police officers. Therefore, it can be asserted that one of the major importances of procedural justice is based on creating trust and confidence of the public to the police thereby enhancing cooperation and legitimacy. Through cooperation and comprehension of police legitimacy, it becomes…

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