Essay about Defining The Rise And Spread Of Islam

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Defining the Rise and Spread of Islam Although the religion of Islam is the second most followed set of beliefs, many people don’t know much about, only that there are various issues where the religion is followed, such as the organization known as ISIS in the Middle East. There is more to learn of it, as the Islamic belief has quite a rich history. Now the definition of Islam itself is the Muslim faith, which was taught to them by Muhammad, the prophet of their god, Allah. This includes the Five Pillars of Islam, which are similar to a religious checklist that a Muslim must do, like prayer and a pilgrimage to Mecca. The religion has its roots set in the Middle East, beginning with Muhammad himself. Born in 570 CE, Muhammad grew up as an orphan, being raised by his uncle. He grew up working as a merchant, but as he became older, he took to meditating, or praying, in a cave located in Mount Hira, located near Mecca, his home. It was during one of his visits to the cave that the angel known as Gabriel showed himself to Muhammad, who commanded him to begin the Quran, and Islam. When Muhammad began his preaching, most of the people of Mecca ignored or mocked his words, but eventually he gained a following, condemning the actions of city leaders and others. This caused him to gain various enemies and when his uncle, Abu Talib died, the new leader of his clan removed Muhammad’s clan protection, putting him in danger. After a failed assassination attempt, Muhammad escaped to…

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