Defining Masculinity And Self Control Essay

2149 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Redefining masculinity, particularly the self-control element, through status updates, my focal-follow admits to his social vulnerability which he attempts to combat using inspirational quotes. Power along with control intricacies form the basis for my focal-follow’s warrior digitally mediated identity that helps him overcome emotional implications resulting from harsh societal circumstances. Focusing on the stressors that trigger depressive and suicidal thoughts, my focal follow integrates talk about adversity in his performance of masculinity. Reinforced by the all-male surroundings he constantly finds himself in, such as; his four brothers at home, the private catholic high school he attended, and the college fraternity he joined, his masculine online behavior is a product of his environment in conjunction with his personal views regarding adversity. In this paper, I will examine how my subject displays a resilient identity via masculine self-governing stances, evident through his capitalization and emphasis of certain words, which allow him to overcome obstacles including those associated with mental illness.

Facebook as a popular social media platform enables users to interact with family and friends via status updates, image uploads, and other items of their personal choosing. The components of the site like the privacy settings permit its users to filter both what they see and what they show. Designed to give its users the upper-hand, Facebook attracts those who…

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