Defining Marketing Essays

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Defining Marketing Paper
January 16, 2011

Defining Marketing Paper
Marketing is a vital part of product sales and consumer shopping. Often marketing groups place consumers into target groups, without their knowledge, to develop the best strategy for the sale of products. Many people believe that Marketing is just advertising and placing ads in newspapers, on television, the radio, and billboards. Although advertising is an important part of marketing, it is not all there is to it. Marketing starts at a products development and continues to the consumer’s purchase. Within this paper marketing will be defined and its importance explained.
Marketing Definitions
Until this course I thought of marketing as
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It also explains difference between selling and marketing as selling mainly concerned with ways to get consumers to spend their money for their merchandise while marketing is involved with the entire business process (, n.d.).
Importance of Marketing
Each definition listed in this paper on marketing shows the important role and principles of marketing in business. They show that marketing is more than advertising and selling a product but that it incorporates the entire process of a product from the beginning. In my definition advertising I say that marketing plays a role in the production and product flow of merchandise. When developing a new product it is very advisable for companies to have the marketing department in on the plans. Marketing departments are aware of the demand of consumers, the salability of products, and what price to sell the product; this will be helpful in determining if a product will be received well and if the selling price will accommodate the production price. MarketingProfs website states that
“If your company doesn't include marketing in the strategic activity of determining what products the company chooses to develop, then at best it's missing a big opportunity, and at worst it's setting itself up for failure.
One of marketing's major responsibilities ought to be applying its skills in customer research to help define the value space

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