Defining Marketing Essay

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Defining Marketing
James Rodriguez
March 22, 2012
Chris Boling

Defining Marketing
Have you bought anything lately, if so it is a good possibility you were affected by marketing. Marketing has infiltrated all parts of our day, from television to radio and even sporting events. Within this paper the author will define marketing by different sources and will also include his personal definition of marketing. Based on these definitions the author will explain the importance of marketing in organizational success and will provide examples from the business world to support his explanations.
Marketing, as defined by Perreault, W. D., Cannon, J. P., and McCarthy, E. J. (2011) is the performance of activities that seek to
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One good example of good marketing is cereal companies that advertise on children-oriented networks (Cartoon Network) because they know that children will want to eat the newest and coolest cereal. This author has been victim to his children hounding him for the newest cereal or the cereal with the toy in it until he ends up giving in and buying it for them. Another example of good marketing is beer companies that advertise with very attractive women and men to entice consumers to buy their products. This type of advertising makes consumers think that if you drink this kind of beer you can look like these people. The last example of good marketing is exercise equipment retailers. These retailers use people in their advertising who are fit and trim, what they do not tell you is if these people are fit and trim because they use this product or not. When a regular consumer watches these advertisements they are convinced that if you use this product you can look like this also.
Marketing affects the way we as consumers buy products or services. Both definitions given in this paper define marketing as a process of getting products and services to consumers. One definition uses the 4 P’s (product, price, place, and promotion) in its definition of Marketing. James (author) defines marketing as exploiting the weaknesses of the consumer to get them to buy a product or service. Three examples of good marketing are cereal companies

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