Defining Abnormalities Essay

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Defining Abnormalities
Gender and sexual preferences/practices
Gender and gender roles have different influences. Prenanatal exposure to androgen or the media both show influences (Kenyon, 2006). To be in consideration of normal a boy child should play with a truck and a girl a doll. Many children like to experiment, such as a little boy who wants to try on his “mommy’s” shoes. The able normal behavior occurs if the little boy prefers mommy’s clothing over that of his specific gender. Although in society no one seems to look twice at a women wearing men’s clothing.
It is difficult to define what normal and abnormal behavior by gender and sexual preferences or practices in a changing world. The DSM-II defines sexual
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Circumstances, lifespan timeline, and basic demographics influence the overall concept of normal behavior. Behaviors change throughout normal lifespan development, within each stage any standard displayed behavior may fluctuate from normal to abnormal and back to normal again (Hansell & Damour)
Children learn language through observation and mimicry. As children progress through normal language development they begin to form words and sentences expressing their wants, desires with basic communication skills. As children grow respective language skills continue to grow. During adolescence and adulthood language skills may see a pause in development however they should not regress in the scope of normal development. Illogical speech patterns, jumbled words, incoherent sentences, are all symptoms of abnormal behavior in adolescents and adults (Hansell & Damour, 2008)
When considering the demographic context of age in the scope of abnormal behavior, one must look to the developmental stage the individual is in. Normal behaviors in a five year old entering kindergarten are not normal behaviors for a fifteen year old entering their sophomore year in high school or normal behaviors for a 50 year old in the work force. Understanding developmental stages and age related normalcy is important when

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