Essay Define Public And Community Health

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Define public/community health.
When one hears the term “public/community health” it often suggests clean water and clean air. The reason is that both of those things are required to have good public/community health. I actuality, Public Health has been defined as “the protection and improvement of the health of the public through community action, primarily by governmental agencies” (Public Health, 2016).
But public health includes all actions taken to maintain and improve the general health of a community. Government health programs provide most public health services. In addition, many voluntary health agencies receive contributions to battle specific diseases, such as HIV and cancer. These agencies provide medical services, they campaign for health legislation, and make important contributions to health education. In the United States, the Public Health Service administers the government’s public health programs. State and local health departments also provide a wide range of services in most communities. One example of things that they do is they work to prevent and control disease by providing proper sanitation, conduct immunization programs, and enforce quarantines (Public Health, 2016). They offer and operate free clinics that provide free laboratory testing and other medical services to the public. Another very important thing that public health agencies do is provide health education to individuals, groups and organizations. How does…

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