Define Marketing Essay

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Defining Marketing
Definition of marketing is how companies/businesses achieve their customers and improve products. Marketing helps businesses grow and generate profit if done right. The development and strategies of marketing is done by knowing what the customer needs and interest are and using that information to help lure them in for business or to create better product. Marketing is about delivering and satisfying the desires of the customer and using that for advertising and bettering a business.
The definitions of marketing from other sources are as follows. “Marketing is everywhere. Formally or informally, people and organizations engage in a vast number of activities that we could call marketing. Good marketing has become an
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Pepsi Company uses marketing to their benefit. As stated on their 2005 annual reports Pepsi continues to produce what the customers want. Whether it’s lowering their sugar, sodium, and fat count for providing better health, or maintaining competitive prices. Pepsi advertises through TV commercials, billboards, newspapers, with their recognizable logo and colors. Pepsi is at the top in the beverage market and sold around the world they are known for being the best suppliers and having the best customer satisfaction. Apple Inc has been a leading company in the competitive world of computers. Apple Inc started by making custom computers and software then later expanded in the digital music distribution with IPods, ITunes, and tablets like the IPad. Apple Brand became popular when they introduced their Iphone to the market providing an all in one product that was innovative and a top selling smart phone. Apple markets through advertising their brand and logo which is a design of an apple with a bite out of it. Apple keeps the interest of the customers by inventing new age technology that other competitors are behind on creating. Apple has unique modern styles, designs, and simple to operate technology for all ages. Ford Motor Company is in the vehicle business that has been around since the invention of motors. Ford is an example of marketing their slogan more than the brand itself. “Built Ford Tough” was used to

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