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Marketing is very important to the success of a business. Before people can buy a product or service they have to know about it. However, marketing entails more than just letting people know what your company has to offer. Throughout this paper, I will define marketing, offering my personal definition as well as more formal definitions from other sources. Furthermore, I will explain to the reader the importance of marketing to organizational success giving real world examples in support of this explanation. The field of marketing can include many things. I believe, however, the most important thing which it should include is communication with customers as to the value and benefits of using that particular company's products
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While another company, Wal-Mart, is successful by making their products widely available to as many people as possible at the lowest possible prices. Again, the product is only part of the equation; Wal-Mart's marketing mix also focuses heavily on price and distribution (place). Finally, Microsoft now allows customers the convenience of purchasing and downloading their favorite software titles directly from Microsoft's Windows Marketplace website instead of having to travel to a retail store. Microsoft recognized the convenience and "instant gratification" the Internet provided as a distribution channel to meet customer needs better and increase customer satisfaction. Thus, marketing is not just about advertising and selling but also identifying and meeting the needs of the customers which provide the most customer satisfaction and result in increased profits for the organization (Perreault, 2005).
Personally, I see marketing as simply solving customers' problems in a way that is profitable. Specifically, the

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