Define Co-Teaching, Collaboration And Inclusion Case Study

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1. Define co-teaching ,collaboration, and inclusion- distinguish the terms from one another
a. Co-teaching- is when two or more adults co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess a group of students.
b. Collaboration- is a style of interaction: two or more people working to cooperatively together toward shared goals
c. Inclusion- is when a student with disability receives instruction in a general education classroom or setting with all the support and services in place to all him equitable access to the curriculum and social constructs of the classroom.
d. Inclusion would be having a diverse group of student in your classroom. Co-teacher id teaching with another person. Collaboration is what teachers are doing with each other even if it is to get help
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Relate co-teaching to current trends toward collaboration in public schools both in general education and in special needs
a. Co- teaching in public school can be very hard. Some teachers think that it is their classroom and they do not need help teaching it. Other think that co-teaching is wonderful but they do not have they extra help to co-teach. There are so few extra teacher and little money throughout the school systems that there aren’t funds to have another teacher in the room. The schools want teachers to co-teach, but it is very hard when they don’t have extra time or hands to make the plans for it.
b. I think that co-teaching is needed sometimes. It could give students the extra help that they need to succeed.
3. Provide a rational, supported by philosophy, research, and recent legislation for implementing co-teaching
4. Describe a process and activities for teacher to analyze their readiness to
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Alternative Teaching is when one teacher works with a large group of student and the other works with a smaller group. This could be bad because students could say they are choosing favorites if they are not mixed up each time. It works because those who need it could get more one on one.
8. Identify key topics that should be addressed with co-teaching prior to co-teaching
a. This first thing teachers need to do before they start co-teaching is to find the time to plan a lesson together. They need to talk about what style of teaching they are planning to use. They need to be able to work well together if not they need to talk about what isn’t work. Both teachers need to be able to communicate with another to come to an agreement. That communication could be verbal or non verbal.
9. Describe strategies for addressing pragmatic issues related to co-teaching (e.g., scheduling, planning time, assignment of students to class, amount of co-teaching)
a. All teachers need to find time to make out their lesson plan, even though it’s not what everyone wants to do, but they could have a meeting after school is out. They need to spilt the work equally between themselves. In some way they always need to communicate with one another. They need to decide which teacher is doing what and how they are grouping the students if they spilt them

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