Defensive Behavior Over Different Opinions Essay

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Defensive Behavior over different Opinions
With the holidays, right around the corner, good will toward all should be in everyone hearts, however, this year more so than not we seem to be lacking. Day after day defensive or viciously aggressive behavior is seen as acceptable when people have a difference of opinion from one another. Political Facebook is a perfect example. It actually became a “thing” this year! For the last eleven months, the fun and entertaining social media site commonly known as Facebook has been anything but and the newsfeeds have been nothing but political overload. The array of posts have been informative, humorous, direct, and complete idiotic satire, let’s just say that if the emotion exists there was some political spin added and then shared as a Facebook meme at some point over the last eleven months. Not only are the memes crass in nature, there are some that are flat out face palm worthy. You can see by the examples in this essay that these sorts of posts also bring the atrociously defensive and viciously aggressive behavior that others discharge as facts when in actuality they are only half thought out opinions. What’s even more astounding is this behavior is being accepted as the digital social norm when people have a difference of opinion from one another. This is just not acceptable and a real problem.
The article Stop Being So Defensive, by Mark Tyrrell, (Web, 12 April. 2010) expresses that a rapid way to see defensive behavior is to…

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